Why I chose Sports Marketing

I declared as a marketing major two years ago at the University of Northern Colorado. I guess I never realized that there were so many sub-categories of career fields that pertain to a marketing emphasis. It wasn’t until after I finished my general education requirements at the university that I began to learn that I would have narrow my focus down even more from just general marketing.

I was still just a 21 year old kid with some serious decisions to make that severely impact the course of my life for years to come. It was a fairly nerve-racking time in my life to say the least, and I knew that it would be a decision that wouldn’t come easily. Therefore I took around a month and a half and really evaluated where I wanted to go with my career path in the time after college, a time that was rapidly approaching.

I think that most college students would agree that this time in their collegiate careers is one of the most stressful. It is a time where the excitement of going off to college has begun to die down and we spend our weekends working and studying instead of hanging out and socializing. We begin to realize that we have to start thinking about what we are going to do when we graduate, and for the juniors and seniors such as myself that time was not as far away as we initially had thought.

The Decision

It was finally time to decide on a path for my future, the long days and nights of asking myself open ended questions such as what will make me happy and what am I passionate about had to come to a conclusion. I finally sat down one night and mapped out what I enjoyed most about life, what my passions were, and what I believed overall would make me happy in my career. Everything led back to one subject, sports.

Graphic NTS

I had been an athlete my entire life, and sports were always the one thing that I enjoyed no matter what else was happening in my life. According to workinsports.com, goals, leadership, and problem solving skills are three of the main attributes employers look for in prospective employees. All of these were goals which I obtained while competing in athletics myself. Due to this I naturally felt that it was the right choice to pursue a career that may not necessarily keep me on the field, but would still allow me to remain close to one of my major passions.

In my social media marketing class I began to experiment with real world applications of branding myself as a sports marketer. The task was one that did not come easily, I greatly underestimated the difficulty branding myself in a field that I had just decided to enter.

However as time in this class passed I began get the hang of branding myself as a professional. I was nowhere near an expert but I had actually been able to connect with experts and real world sports marketing professionals. It was such a great feeling to be able to interact and connect with everyone from industry leaders to students such as myself.

I began to become excited to check my profiles every day and see if had any further interactions that would further my personal branding experience. I began to believe that this could be a field that I could actually be successful in. For a kid that almost declared as a sports management major at Colorado Mesa University before I transferred to UNCo sports marketing used to feel like a long shot. Now felt like a realistic opportunity, and I was already beginning to build networks that would help me tremendously in the future.

Take Away

Before being pushed by my Social Media Marketing professor into choosing a specific career focus I had no idea that I would be able to merge two of my passions together. Not only did I feel ecstatic about being able to possibly pursue a career still related to sports, I felt prepared, and was ready to take advantage of my new found connections after graduation.

Very few college students can give you a direct answer on what they specifically want to do when they graduate. I still can’t give a definite answer, however I can one hundred percent guarantee that sports marketing has made it up the list of focuses for consideration. Even if I decide to ultimately go a different route after graduation, I now have the confidence that I will be able to brand myself in a manner that will be attractive to prospective employers in many different fields.

What do you think about sports marketing as a business emphasis? Do you have any comments on how I would be able to better brand myself as a sports professional?


Author: nicksawyerblog

Born in Denver, Colorado, currently reside in Greeley Colorado. I attended Wheat Ridge High School from 2009 to 2013. Aspiring marketing professional attending the University of Northern Colorado. I have developed a career focus in Sports Marketing. Which will allow me to further pursue my dreams of working in a sports related field. I believe firmly in following my passions, which include health and wellness, sports, marketing and other various aspects of the business world. As a young professional I have developed attributes in managing teams, leadership, establishing small B2B corporate relationships and certain forms of content marketing. I am always open to facing new challenges and implore exceptional coach-ability in all fields that are asked of me. I know that I am still young and have much to learn about the business world. I look forward in advancing all of my skills as I further pursue my goals of marketing, especially in the professional athletics industry. My top strength is my always burning desire to continue to lean all that I can about business so that I will be able to excel in any field that is asked of me. I work great in both individual as well as team oriented settings. I am extremely excited about graduating with a degree in business marketing and continuing to pursue opportunities that I am passionate about that will also allow me to make a difference in the surrounding community.

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